The moral compass…




Very few people posses moral compass these days with the most adopting selfish and opportunist way of life. How a person behaves and what a person does in life is a true reflection of his ore her upbringing by his or her parents, the society, community and the religion that the person comes from.

Very less people are fortunate to have proper upbringing by their parents who teach them the difference between right and wrong and who instill in their children courage and strong morality which lead that child who grows up to a man or a woman to do right and just things in life.

Not only bad parenting contribute to such immorality and evilness in people but society especially patriarchal, religion especially the ones that is stuck in the medieval ages add to the construction of a character which disrespects women, do wrong and unjust things in life.

However, such immoral and unethical child who grows up into a man or a woman and then who themselves become parents instill the same immorality in their own children thereby continuing the vicious circle or a chain of people without any conscience and morality…

There are several faces around us who can set such perfect examples of mean and immoral men…


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