Indo-German collaboration for research, technology and innovation


An ‘Excellence on Tour’ road show  which aims at strengthening the Indo-German research collaboration by providing a platform to facilitate co-operation in science, technology, innovation, began in the city today.
The inaugural event was attended by Mr  Rainer Schmiedchen, the German consul general, Kolkata, professor  Dr Laurent Gizon, Director of the Max Planck Institute for solar system research, Professor Dr  Dorothea Wagner, vice-president of the German Research Foundation (DFG), professor Dr R N Mukherjee, director of IISER, Kolkata, and the like attended the programme.
Mr Schmiedchen said that Germany is ready to strengthen the Indo-German research collaboration. 
He further said that Bengalis have the brightest minds in India and that they also possess an open attitude.
“This unique road show is to showcase German community outreach. The Excellence on Tour road show is a German policy on extending collaboration in science and technology,” said Dr Mukherjee.
He further said that India is being looked upto by the world as an economic superpower and Germany is looked upto for science and technology. Mordern science is increasingly moving towards collaboration as individual organisations often lack expertise and proper infrastructure, said Dr Mukherjee.
“We must focus on issues pertaining to societal challenges like health, transport,” added Dr. Mukherjee.
Dr Laurent Gizon lauded India’s ambition of becoming one of the top five science destination by the year 2020.
“There are some 7,000 Indian students in Germany and over 1,000 Indian scientists are working in Germany. Employment options have become better with the change of the law and Indian students are particularly welcome,” said Dr Gizon.
Dr Dorothea Wagner praised India’s outstanding performance in the field of science, technology and innovation.

Here’s the link to the news article–bengalis-have-the-brightest-minds-in-india.html 


The moral compass…




Very few people posses moral compass these days with the most adopting selfish and opportunist way of life. How a person behaves and what a person does in life is a true reflection of his ore her upbringing by his or her parents, the society, community and the religion that the person comes from.

Very less people are fortunate to have proper upbringing by their parents who teach them the difference between right and wrong and who instill in their children courage and strong morality which lead that child who grows up to a man or a woman to do right and just things in life.

Not only bad parenting contribute to such immorality and evilness in people but society especially patriarchal, religion especially the ones that is stuck in the medieval ages add to the construction of a character which disrespects women, do wrong and unjust things in life.

However, such immoral and unethical child who grows up into a man or a woman and then who themselves become parents instill the same immorality in their own children thereby continuing the vicious circle or a chain of people without any conscience and morality…

There are several faces around us who can set such perfect examples of mean and immoral men…

State sponsored eviction of pavement dwellers flouting Supreme Court’s guideline and violating article 21 of the Indian Constitution



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The pavement dwellers of the country contributes substantially to the nation’s GDP, however, there is a constant state sponsored effort to evict these unfortunate yet important people of our society. 

The article 21 of the Indian constitution ensures them the right to life and personal liberty and the apex court of the country has set a clear guideline of no eviction without rehabilitation. The state, however, openly flouts the guidelines and defies the constitution. Not only the state, the Indian railways, Port authorities can evict anyone without rehabilitation, as per their policies, thereby directly contradicting the Constitution and the Supreme Court.





Dear Dad 

I thought of you today but that is nothing new…

I thought about you yesterday and days before that too….

I think about you in silence, I often speak your name…

All I have are memories, and a picture in a frame…

Your memory is a keepsake, from which I’ll never part..

God has you in his arms, I have you in my heart… 

Ur li’l girl…