Custodial Torture of West Bengal Police

An alleged victim of custodial torture lodges a complaint with the District Magistrate (DM) and Superintendent of police, Murshidabad against a police officer and four constables of Jalangi police station, Murshidabad. The victim claims to have received threats to withdraw the complaint.
The victim and his wife accuse a police officer of Jalangi police station namely Mr Mainuddin Khan and four other constables of entering the victim’s house without any lady officer and verbally abusing the victim’s wife with filthy language containing sexual connotation.

Following a few missed monthly installments of maintenance payable to his previous wife, the court issued arrest warrant against the victim. Acting upon that arrest warrant the accused officer and four other police personnel went to the victim’s residence.
It has been alleged by the victim that the police personnel beat him up with wooden sticks and boots and molested his wife. He further claims to be dragged to the police vehicle. He was put in the lock-up where he further alleges to have been tortured physically.
The victim was taken to Sadhikhandiyar Primary Health Centre, Murshidabad  for medical treatment when he was held in judicial custody and he was treated at Murshidabad Medical College at Beharampur after his release from judicial custody.  Doctors at both the places confirmed that the victim sustained injuries as a result of physical assault.
The victim lodged a complaint with the DM and Superintendent of police, Murshidabad after his release from the judicial custody.
The accused police officer is said to have again detained the victim and his wife along with his 10 month old child in the lock-up. Allegations of further physical torture and threats to withdraw the aforesaid complaint were also made this time.


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