Police Brutalities

Maryam bibi , mother of a young man who was allegedly tortured and detained without any legitimate reason being conveyed to him or his family by police personnel of Basirhat police station, finally lodged a complaint with the sub-divisional police station, Basirhat against the accused officers.

Saiful Gazi was allegedly picked up by some police officers in plain clothes while he was raising subscription for a local club’s maintenance at Amarpur -Dhemdhomia crossing at the wee hours of the day, north 24 Parganas on the 24th of last month.

The officers allegedly beat him up and abused him for stopping vehicles at the crossing. It was further accused that the victim was then taken to the Basirhat police station where he was detained for 12 hours during which he claims to have been brutally assaulted and verbally abused.


Saiful (picture above), allegedly, went unconscious and yet, as he claims, received no medical treatment there.

In the evening, Saiful’s father went to the police station to secure his release. The father of the victim accuses that the inspector in charge of the said police station threatened to falsely implicate Saiful in they dare to complain anywhere.

The victim, along with his mother, went to Shibhati Block Hospital, Basirhat for treatment where, as alleged, the doctor who attended him suggested not to lodge any complaint against the perpetrators. The victim claims to have received inadequate treatment as well.

On the 3rd of this month, he was treated by another doctor who, after examining his injuries, claimed to have opined that the injuries sustained by him had been inflicted by physical assault.

An officer at the Basirhat police station, when contacted for the aforesaid incident, claimed to be completely unaware of the entire episode.

Maryam bibi, eventually, decided to escalate the matter and later this month lodged a complaint at sub-divisional police station, Basirhat against the accused officers.



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