Decentralised economy will help India grow – suggests Dr Pitroda

It is easy to indentify problems in India and its easy to provide solutions as well yet it takes a lot of courage for a man or a woman to do that says Dr Sam Pitroda as he opens his speech on “India at Crossroads” at CII-Suresh Neotia Centre Of Excellence For Leadership,Kolkata.
8% is the rate of growth for India for quite a while and with corruption, indecision the growth rate has started slipping away suggests Dr Pitroda, the man who revolutionised the telecom industry pf India along with Late Rajiv Gandhi.
He pointed out that centuries ago India accounted for 25% of the world economy but with colonisation by imperialistic powers, downfall of Indian economy began which left India accounting for 2% of the world economy in 1947.
8% – 10% of growth per year for or the next 25 years will not be able to address the poverty in this country, hence Dr Pitroda suggests a change in the age old mindset of people and take charge and do that needs to be done as he believes everything including education,technology,health in the nation is at crossroads.                  Dr Pitroda, moreover,suggests that growth of Indian economy need not depend on foreign capital but it needs to come from 1.27 billion Indians.
He further believes that internet is the biggest invention of all times and has been ignored by. people for long.Internet has changed everything and everything needs to be restructured and there is a need to do away with the obsolete systems and mindset of people.
He insisted on tough decisions and tough choices to be made and hence the need to elect people with character,knowledge & capability to build a country is emphasized on with knowledge acting as a key to generate wealth.
Technology and younger generation are the two solutions provided by Dr Pitroda n order to guide India in a positive direction out of the current status quo which puts the nation at a crossroads where a tough choice needs to be made by each and every individual.



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