South Africa Calling

South African Tourism, a national tourism agency, organized a few weeks ago its popular classroom training session called ‘Learn South Africa’ at Hotel Park Plaza , Kolkata to create destination awareness and facilitate travel trade with the frontline staff of travel agencies of Kolkata
Key South African suppliers also took part in this mutually beneficial interactive programme.  Holiday makers this time will be able to choose from an array of tailor made travel packages that consist of city specific deals, South African Safaris and the like.
There has been a substantial increase in the number of Indian tourists visiting South Africa and their shopping spend over the last few years which resulted in the tourism industry of South Africa to focus and create new strategies and products for the extremely lucrative Indian market.
The country is fast becoming a shopping destination for the travelers with favorable exchange rate further benefitting India tourists. Ms. Hanneli Slabber, country Manager- South African Tourism, said that most of the towns and cities of South Africa are cosmopolitan in nature hence tourists often find intricately woven hats from Ghana, handbags from Senegal, books of Nigerian authors in the local shops.
Ms. Slabber, however, ruled out South Africa being unsafe for the tourists and informed about the existence of Tourism Safety Initiative by the Tourism industry that works for the safety of tourists.





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